Delete SOLR indexed files

There may be some scenario you want to delete all the index files from a solr core. Doing so is so easy.

Suppose you have an index “Product_Index_Master” which is indexed and want to delete all of those index files from SOLR. To do that just navigate to below url. Don’t forget to replace https://localhost:8983/solr with your solr url.


Once you browse above URL go to solr admin and click on core selector drop-down and select your index. Here it is Product_Index_Master


Solr Core Selector

Then click on Query from the list below the selected core and then execute query


You will get result like below where numFound“:0 shows that the index has been cleared.

{ “responseHeader“:{ “status“:0, “QTime“:0, “params“:{ “q“:“*:*”, “indent“:“on”, “wt“:“json”, “_“:“1528163274115”}}, “response“:{numFound“:0,”start“:0,”docs“:[ { ….




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